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Friday, November 7, 2008

Tesla the gift

Tesla came to us in 2007, from Boulder, Colorado and was a true Rocky Mountain High right from the start. She was a gift to my daughter Kiley, from my sister Maureen. Just about 12 weeks old when Maureen flew with her from Denver to Providence. R.I. (a total surprise for Kiley), Tesla did not appear to mind a bit that she had to be packed away with the plane’s cargo for that long trip eastward.
She bounded right off that plane and into our hearts.
A Bernese Mountain dog in every sense of the word: brave, smart and loyal, Tesla took her name from Nikola Tesla, the inventor born in 1856. Tesla’s name was often a conversation starter, as more people than you would expect knew that she was in fact named for the important scientist. For me, Tesla often became “Tessie” and she knew everything from Tesla to Tessie to Tess was her.
Along with her smarts and loyalty, Tesla also was stubborn and it showed up right from the start, as when she did not want to do something she was clear about it: flopping down on the lawn and making whoever was caring for her carry her into the house was not uncommon while she could still be carried.
But stubbornness was probably Tesla’s only flaw. To say she was practically perfect in every way is not really an exaggeration. She was not so hot in puppy kindergarten but that was only because she was so in love with all the other people and dogs that pup ADD ensued, and she simply wanted to love everyone. That can be very distracting.
Her love of all people and dogs she met stayed with her every day. Whether is was on a walk, at the dog park, or romping with her extended family of my many siblings’ many dogs, Tesla was the quintessential dog’s dog. She would not take no for an answer from any other dog and simply would tailor her actions and behaviors until she won over the others, even should they be grouchy or bossy.
But even her love for other dogs was eclipsed by her love for people, especially her family.

More to come about Telsa in coming weeks.


Patti said...

What a wonderful dog, Helen.

I never heard of puppy kindergarten. Do they have kitty cat kindergarten?

Anonymous said...

We should do a story about this blog........, pam

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen,,anonymous pam gave me this website..what a fantastic job you did..i will be reading all the stories daily..i gave this site to the animal federation of ct..its great..Its the animals in our lives that keep our hearts beating..take care..judy

Daithi said...

Tessie was quite a great dog from this description. I imagine it is really hard without her. I love the photos. HAIL TO TESLA!