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Monday, November 10, 2008

Chi-Chi is one of the family

By Ann Marie Brennan

They call me Chi-Chi.

I came to live with my new owner almost three years ago. My first owners didn’t want me any more. They were mean to me and tried to hurt me. I don’t know what I did wrong. I tried to be a good cat. But one day I was taken for a ride and dropped off on a road in the woods.

I was scared; I was lonely; I was hungry and I was cold. I hid for a long time in the woods and tried to eat whatever I could. There was a house nearby and there was a nice man in the yard. He would leave food outside for me to eat. I wanted so much to be able to go inside his house, but he had a cat that didn’t like me.

One day the nice man put me in a carrier and brought me to house that I didn’t know. There was a lady there. She seemed okay, but I was scared again. She gave me food and best of all, she let me stay inside.

We have become great friends. I live in her condo with lots of room to run around. I have my own pillow and toys and a lovely little yard in which to play. I can chase squirrels and mice in the nearby woods. My best time of the day is at night when I sit on my owner’s lap and watch TV. She is constantly petting me, hugging me and (ugh!) kissing me! But, I’m happy here.

I don’t think about my former owners at all any more nor wonder why they didn’t want me or why they hurt me. I’m just glad I found a loving home.

Author's note: an abused cat found by one of my friends, Chi-Chi is now about eight years old and does have some residual health problems because of her abuse. She is happy, however, and has become “one of the family."

This is a copy of an article I wrote about my darling Chi-Chi who I adopted.

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Patti said...

Chi-Chi is one lucky kitty to have found such a loving home.