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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Loyal companion will be missed for a very long time

A true lady

By Bridget Albert

Over a decade ago we found ourselves the owners of a border collie/shepherd we named Lady Jane.
Our home was supposed to be a temporary haven for her as she was termed 'cat-aggressive.' And since we were owned by a feline queen who thought every dog was her friend we knew we needed to find a permanent home for Lady. The reason for her adoption in the first place was that she was high up on the 'hit list' at our shelter in Woodbridge. After all, they rationalized "we can't knowingly adopt out an animal that might do harm."
Well, we advertised her, had people meet her and interviewed them. She snarled at them, bared her teeth and was truly not accepting of any of them, or our friends for that matter. One family actually said they would take her. That was probably a month after she entered our lives as an adoptee. Surprisingly I found myself saying "no."
For the next decade, we had house rules. Prudy, our feline (now 24) had the run of the house during the day and at night. Lady had mornings and evenings. Every once in a while Prudy would get curious and go sit on the basement steps and stare at Lady Jane who would stare back.
Over the years our social life began to change. Friends would suggest we get together at their place or a restaurant instead of at our house.
But our love and affection for Lady Jane only grew. Lady was our protector. I remember shortly after she joined our family we took her for what became her favorite adventure - car rides. We went into New Haven, parked on Chapel Street and left her to watch the world in the Subaru. She was in heaven. All those people to stare at and protect the car from. We watched her as we walked away to shop.
She was a happy girl.
A bit later we went back to the car and I started to get into the driver's seat. She lunged across the seat, bared her teeth and told me in no uncertain terms that this was her car and I was an intruder. But all I had to do was say her name and talk reassuringly to her and I quickly got "Sorry mom, I was only doing my job." When I started to drive away I felt her kisses on the back of my neck.
There are many Lady Jane stories.
Some that would be too painful to put into words these days. In Prudy's senior years she and Lady Jane came to an agreement. Prudy was queen. In the evenings she would make an appearance, walk through the house and announce herself. And go into the kitchen and sit on Lady's bed. These days that is where we will find her. Looking for her friend. She sits there for hours.
A few months ago Lady Jane developed a tumor in the back of her head. Biopsies showed only inflammation but it continued to grow. We tried antibiotics, steroids. We opted not to put her through chemotherapy as we did another special canine. Last week Lady Jane lost her battle with that tumor, which took over her body. Up until the end she fought it as she fought to keep us happy and safe. I will always be thankful to that animal control officer who put the well-being of this beautiful animal first and recognized a good home when they saw it.
Please consider adopting from your local animal shelter.
I am sure you will be rewarded as finely as we were. There are many beautiful dogs and cats waiting for a second chance at happiness.
Give them the opportunity for a quality life.


pam said...

Bridget, Who knew you were going through your own recent loss? The story was beautifully put! And i love the scarf....pam

Anonymous said...

Bridget, i know how much you loved this dog and i know what you went through to give her a chace..Please,keep up all your good work and good deeds you do for animals..the world needs more animal persons like you..jr

Patti said...

Such a wonderful canine! The photo is adorable.