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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The story of Shelby grows

By Jon Bennett

Now where were we? Oh, yes, like I was saying, Shelby and I liked to sleep on the couch. She would lay on my chest until I started tossing and turning, then she would move down to my feet.

After a while my feet would get uncomfortable so I would wiggle them to get her off, but she is stubborn, so it took awhile.

Then in the morning I would wake up and get ready for work, though she likes to sleep in. I would give her a bone and make sure she has water and would put her on her run give her a kiss and go to work.
Then came the new additions…..
I was out in the neighborhood and I met a wonderful, beautiful woman. Her name is Heather. We feel in love immediately, we soon moved in together along with, Zack, her son and her two daughters, Kasey and Dakota.

And I can’t forget to mention my new other four legged best friend, Cisco, a Chesapeake Bay Yellow Lab. He is a big boy, about 120 pounds.

We hit it off right away, but Shelby was jealous. It took time and now they are like boyfriend and girlfriend, always playing and loving each other.

Cisco really took to me and follows me around everywhere. He is so smart that he tries to play dumb, just so he can get away with things. He is always stealing the neighbor’s dog toys. We must have 18 tennis balls in the yard and I didn’t buy any of them. When I am mowing the lawn I pick them up and throw them back, but he always finds them.

He is a big goofy baby and I love him so much. He is a big part of our home.
I could write so much more, so maybe you’ll hear from me again!.


Patti said...

Big goofy babies are such fun. I have little (feline) goofy babies.

caringmom said...

A-dorable pet and a romantic story. Hugs, Daithi