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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Casey goes to bat

By Maureen Green, of Colorado

A goldie with a golden heart

While I was still in college, albeit married, and living off campus in our own home, I bought a Golden Retriever named Casey. Casey was already 12 weeks old, because a family purchased him from one of the most renowned breeders in Connecticut whose mother was afraid of him as a puppy.
That was incredulous as Casey was a typical light bronze pup that was friendly and only looking for a lap.
Well I was lucky to find him and offered him a loving home.
He came to live with me in West Hartford, Conn. We had a nice large fenced yard and I took Casey for walks everyday around the block. Casey caught the eye of the neighbors who would come over just to play with him and give him treats. When I moved to a condo, Casey came with me and tolerated the time he had to spend indoors but he still loved our runs and walks. I never had to put a leash on him because he would always stay by my side but would tease me and run faster than me so I would have to catch up to him!. I was single again before I came to the condo so Casey and I often shared meals. Meals that I cooked like liver but didn’t add the onions until he ate his portion! He and I shared popcorn as our favorite snack.
I have neglected to write that Casey was gorgeous, large bones and had a beautiful blockhead. He grew to be almost one hundred pounds of energy and excitement. He was my pride and joy.
Once when I let him out of the condo he hadn’t returned from his puppy protective reconnaissance when I had to head to work. I was frantic but called my father to come and look for him. Dad agreed and called me just as I gotten to my office and told me that Casey was waiting by the front door when he arrived!
Dad then appreciated Casey for the loyalty he exhibited and accepted him into his home whenever I visited my parents. Casey celebrated holidays with me and every other person we were with and he was always a gentleman and gracious. He loved their dogs as well!
When Casey was just about 8 years old, I moved to Colorado. My father insisted that Casey would prefer to stay in Connecticut and live with him so, bittersweet memories is what I traveled with to my new home 1,800 miles away.
Casey, and my parents’ Newfoundland, Kaiser, became best buddies. Both big boy dogs and neither one neutered either. Kaiser kept Casey young and Casey gave Kaiser tips on in the house etiquette (of course it was really only tips about how to persuade the old man new daddy to give him food tricks!)
Dad formed a bond with Casey probably stronger than one I had with him. Dad had time and spent it with both dogs and he gave them better leftovers than I ever cooked for Casey!
Then Casey got ill and Dad took care of all his needs until the time the vet said Casey is better off with out the pain of cancerous tumors eating away at his legs and Dad buried him in his own backyard.
Dad realized what my grief might have been asked my sister, Helen, to call me and give me the news. She called me and found me working a job in New Mexico. The words she said I don’t remember but the loss I felt for my Dad and for myself was almost crippling. There will never ever be a dog that could bring two resistant generations together as Casey did.

At right, Maureen and one of her newer boys, Kernan.

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Patti said...

Casey sounds like a wonderful friend.