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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cisco's devotion is boundless

By Heather, of Ashford, Conn.

My dog is so very special to me and he has been the constant in my life as he has always been by my side.
I am sure anyone who has loved a pet like we have knows the deep love shared between us and them ....unconditional love.
Jon and my dog Cisco have developed a strong bond. Cisco follows Jon all over the house and is by his side every moment. I am now chopped liver - LOL
At night when its time to go to bed we call the dogs up. If I happen to go up first, Cisco just looks at me but as soon as Jon gets up Cisco is right by his side following him up to bed.
The love we all share is amazing.
The part that touched my heart was the day Jon went to the hospital... Jon was laying on the floor in pain, Jon's head was rested on my lap and Cisco was on the floor right beside us he would not leave Jon's side with his head rested on Jon's chest frequently licking his face... I could tell he sensed his pain.
He is a devoted dog and he loves Jon just as much as I do. Of course I can not forget Miss Shelby she is our little lady we love her dearly, too.
She is a young one, still wild and free; Cisco a little wiser in his old age.

Editor's note: Heather writes here about her two dogs, Cisco and Shelby, and a recent illness of her significant other, Jon, who is now recovered.


Patti said...

It's wonderful to read about such unconditional love.

pam said...

Very nice story! The dog story and the love story. They are kind of morphed! pam

caringmom said...

Amazing story of Cisco's and your devotion- Hugs, Daithi