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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Running with the big dogs

By Barbara Douglas

Baron Bruno von Barker never passed on a challenge.

He climbed his way up from the bottom, by no means broke integrity, had excellent manners, loved absolutely, fought for what he believed in, had a faithful heart, struggled with illness and didn’t complain, and died bravely.

Can’t wait to see you again, baby.

Bruno - April 1998 - July 2007

Be thou comforted, little dog. Thou too in Resurrection shall have a little golden tail.

- Martin Luther

Editor's Note: Barbara Douglas, author of Satori in the Garden, at http://satoriinthegarden.blogspot.com, is a devoted animal lover, the depth of which only her true friends know.

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Patti said...

What a sweet friend he must have been ~ and I love his name.