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Friday, February 5, 2010

Savannah brings smiles

She's also got Esther Williams style

By Ann Nyberg

So this is my dog Savannah Jane.
She has a million nicknames, Nanna, Schmookington, Bun, whatever, none of these names makes any sense, they're just all terms of endearment.
She's a 7-year old yellow, make that white, lab.
The joy this dog, or "hog" as we also like to call her has brought to my family is unbelievable. Of course I know all dog lovers feel that way, but truly, our lives revolve around Savannah.
The great thing about labs is that they just want to be around people all the time.
She has been great company to my three daughters and to my husband, she really is his little buddy.
In the evenings, while I'm at work, Savannah and Mark have their routine. In the winter when Mark goes out for wood for the fireplace, Savannah has to follow with a stuffed-animal in her mouth.
At 75 plus pounds she enjoys sitting on Mark's lap.
Do you have this visual in your mind?
If there is outdoor grilling going on, each time the there is a "check" on how things are coming along out there, Savannah has to accompany Mark. It's a riot.
We have a pond in our back yard that Savannah uses as her pool. When she is in it treading water, she becomes Esther Williams Hog (of course a reference to the Hollywood actress who dove and swam her way into stardom).
Family and friends get such a kick out of this scene.
The rocks around the "pool" are designed to allow easy in-out access for the Hog. We would not want her to be stressed in anyway.
At any rate, life with a dog is so much better and so much richer than life without one.
Savannah, you are one lucky gal!

Editor's note: Tesla's Love has it on good authority that Savannah Jane also is rumored to know how to shut doors behind her. We would not be surprised if this turns out to be true.


Jessie said...

love your blog! cute story.

caringmom said...

Savannah is a sweet dog!