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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tesla's love goes on

By Elliott Storm

Hi. My name is Tesla, and you know something.....God made me for my innocence, as he made the angels to serve him...And for me to offer you my unconditional love, and supreme friendship.
What's more, I just wanted to thank you for loving me, and that is from my heart. Being that special part of your family gave me much pride. much happiness and loving you back was so. so easy.
When I left my birth mommy sometime ago, it made me sad, I cried, I was so scared, and when you picked me up and kissed me that first time I trembled. And oh how I remember you were their to dry my little doggy tears, thank you so very very much.
That first night I didn't know what I would do, where I was! Who are these little ones talking to me! Oh mommy, I was so frightened. And I know when I cried you felt my wounds, my spirit, and you did all you could do to make me comfortable.
When I whimpered I was calling you, telling you "I know you now .....You're my mommy and I love you so very very much."
Gosh it was fun to grow, to be one of your very own, to run, to leap, to play, and when my brother and my sisters played with me, I played back, I was home, our home, and when I was hungry you game me my nourishment.
Mommy I wanted to give you more, and when you looked into my eyes you knew I did.
When I was sick you cared for me, and when you were tired and sick, I was the to comfort you.
Mommy you taught me love, and I taught you mine.
I am gone. I'm in heaven. And when you look at my pictures, know my heart and my spirit is still with you. I love you mommy.

Editor's note: This beautiful piece, written by a Milford resident who knows a lot about loss and healing, recounts what beloved Tesla might have been thinking in her beautiful canine head. It also is clearly a message to Helen and Kiley about their loss and the love that always will be with them. To learn more about Elliott Storm, visit http://www.thesescarsaresacred.com/home.html


Patti said...

What a sweet post he has written for your blog, Helen.

Daithi said...

I know Tesla will greet us all in heaven! What a good dog soul! I think she would have jumped on me and I would have been delighted. LV