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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another greyhound goes missing, this time in Newtown

Sighting a boost to greyhound search crews

By Nancy K. Crevier
Newtown Bee

Elwood, a 6-year-old black and white greyhound, has been missing from a Turkey Roost Road home since December 23.

Searchers have placed a live trap near the area of the only sighting this past weekend in hopes that the thin-coated dog can be captured and returned safely to his family. The hunt for Elwood, the black and white greyhound goes on. Local volunteers and searchers from the Greyhound Rescue andRehabilitation (GRR) organization out of Cross River, N.Y., We AdoptGreyhounds, and the Connecticut Greyhound Adopt organization have been seeking the dog, owned by Greg and Kara Pansa.

Greyhounds, unlike most other dogs, have only a single layer coat and extremely low body fat, making them more susceptible to cold weather than other canines. Elwood was not wearing a protective coat when he disappeared from his yard, and family and search members can only hope that the dog has found shelter. Four sightings over the weekend have raised hopes that the greyhound may still be in the immediate vicinity of his home, although three of those sightings were discredited, said local GRR member and volunteer Dawn Adams.

"One sighting in the Toddy Hill Road area could definitely be legitimate, though," said Ms Adams. "Any sighting is very helpful. "This week, the search has turned down the level of involvement,though.

"We are asking people to stay out of the woods and not call for the dog at this time," Ms Adams said, Monday, January 5.

"At this point, he has been missing for nearly two weeks and wherever he is, he is in survival mode, and scared."

The search groups are focused on keeping the greyhound in the area,and because the dog has probably become too frightened to respond even to its owners, a live trap similar to the Havahart trap, has been setout in hopes of luring the dog into it. "We are hoping to set up two more traps this week, too," said Ms Adams.

The trap is checked every couple of hours and baited with food, as well as items with the owners' scents and Elwood's own bedding. "We can only hope to capture Elwood now," Ms Adams explained.

Area residents are asked to keep their eyes open for any sight of the 80-pound, deer-like black and white dog. He was last seen wearing a blue collar, and has identifying tattoos in each ear.

"Do not call his name, and do not approach him, if you see this dog,"urged Ms Adams. "He is scared, and will run. Retreat quietly and call either 914-763-2221 or 914-403-0872."

Any information about the greyhound is greatly appreciated, she said.
Editor's note: this story was provided by Eliza Hallabeck. It is a reprint from the Newtown Bee, where Eliza is a reporter. Tesla's Love will print any story about missing pets. Send them to teslaslove@gmail.com

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Patti said...

Sorry to read about Elwood. I pray he is OK.