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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My beloved cat

By Sharon Corey

Back in 1992 my boys found a gray kitten under a bush, apparently the mamma cat was no where to be found.
This kitten was only a few days old, so I decided to take care of the kitten until it was old enough to give away. I had no intention of keeping the kitten and even refused to name him.
My boys kept bugging me to give him a name, so I started calling him Mr. Kitty and the name stuck, and we ended up keeping him.
He was the best cat ever, he was a very affectionate and loving cat.
Mr. Kitty expected to be fed first thing in the morning when I got up and if I didn't feed him right away, he would bite me in the back of the calf. He would sleep under the covers with me with his head on the pillow.
One day he started to go to the bathroom on the floor instead of the litter box, which was not like him at all so I took him to the vet and found out that he had kidney disease but I wasn't ready to let him go so I brought him home only to return to the vet two days later because when I saw just how much pain he was in I knew that the best thing for him was to end his suffering.
It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make.
He rubbed his face against mine for the last time and looked at me with such love in his eyes right before he took his last breath, I stayed with him and held him in my arms for the longest time wondering if indeed I did make the right decision.
I cried like a baby because I had lost such a precious part of me. Mr. Kitty will always remain in my heart, I keep a picture of him on my nightstand to this day.
He was a part of the family for 12 wonderful years.

West Haven Animal Shelter

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Patti said...

I got a tear in my eye reading this. What a wonderfully written story about Mr. Kitty.