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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Manatee world: We all live in it!

Reprinted from Vegging Out I am ashamed to say I think I let out a shout when I looked up at the newsroom TV screen and saw some large shapes floating in the shallows of a beach.
I knew right away that is probably was not a good idea for such a large creature - whatever it was - to be floating so close to land - and even worse possibly - to people who might do them harm.
The whatever it was turned out to be manatees, ABC news reports.
And according to that site: "Home video shows group of sea cows splashing around in the shallow surf."
The HuffPo also reports that the lifeguards worked to clear the area,to protect the sweet "sea cows." Go lifeguards!
And for your viewing delight, here's the video of what it looked like at the beach -for some lucky folks who got up close and personal.

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