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Friday, October 14, 2011

Watch for that moose

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Wildlife Division in a statement today advised motorists that a moose was sighted in the Waterbury area near Route 8 and Interstate 84.

The moose was seen around 9 a.m., the agency said in a statement.

DEEP said it advises motorists to “slow down and drive defensively should a moose be spotted on or near the roadway,” the statement said.

“If motorists see this moose or any moose near a major highway, they should report it to the DEEP Environmental Conservation Police...and to local authorities,”the statement said.

DEEP police can be reached at 860-424-3333.

“September through October is the peak of the breeding season for Connecticut’s small but expanding moose population, which means an increase in moose movements and a greater potential for moose to cross roads,” the statement said.

“Moose, with their darker color and much taller stance, are particularly difficult to see at night and, once struck, are more likely to collapse through the vehicle windshield,” the statement said.

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