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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Experienced Pit Lover Needed

The Woodbridge Animal Shelter in Woodbridge, Conn. has a a pit bull named "Sweetie" that needs a home.

Facing euthanization, animal lovers have convinced the shelter to hold on to her one more week to see "if someone could be her hero and give her a chance," according to a statement.

Sweetie appears to be about 1 year old, is very much still a pup, very smart, and will be easy to train, the statement said.

The dog may have been bred at least once, will need to be spayed, and needs training and socializing. She was picked up as a stray, quite possibly shortly after being dumped, the statement said.

Sweetie "seems to have very little or no socialization with other animals and received no apparent training, although she was very well taken care of and is responsive to positive reinforcement," the statement said.

As with most dogs, the shelter environment is not doing her any good. She is not trusted to be around other animals because she has not yet been fully tested. If you can save this pretty baby girl, please contact the Woodbridge Animal Shelter (203) 389-5991.

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