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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saying goodbye to Rigby

By Ralph Villers

It happened far too fast.
Rigby had to be put down this Saturday morning. The details are not as important as what he meant to the whole family. Today, there is such an air of sadness around us, that's me, Patti and brother Linus - and the others who have been informed, Allegra, Cameron and Gooma (aka: Patti's mom).
As a cat should, he could sleep without provocation. Even on an old TV with an old B&W movie.
Patti has written about this most eloquently.
A winsome and cute fellow with his moo-cow markings, he loved to be skritched on and around his head incessantly. Too bad we humans had schedules so the all day sessions could not happen. No offense, he would just take a nap. He loved water, too! I had considered that perhaps he studied water to such a degree that perhaps he was trying to receive a PhD in hydrodynamics, or something. He also loved to get his water from the faucet.
A being who loved unconditionally, he was a fun fellow, the word winsome cannot be overstated. He had that happy-go-lucky air about him, always.
What a loss.
I am concerned about his brother, Linus, who is looking around for his brother now.
Who doesn't love Beanies??
Patti took Rigby to the vet, and but as I was home with Linus, and as the day moved along, he knows now is that he is missing - and wishes he were back, as do we...
A furry friend, three and one-half years is far too soon to be gone.
A loss that is immeasurable now.
Goodbye pal. We all will miss you :>(

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