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Monday, November 2, 2009

Is your dog smarter than an average 2-year-old?

She just might be

Think you know a lot about dogs? If you are reading Tesla's Love, you probably do. But it appears there is a whole lot people might not know about our faithful canine companions and the jury is still out on just how smart man's best friend really is, from a truly scientific point of view. We know we get incredible intuition along with doses of incredible love and affection, but dogs around the world also are learning to help people who suffer from myriad conditions, including anxiety, epilepsy and depression.

A story in Sunday's New York Times says, "over the last several years a growing body of evidence, culled from small scientific studies of dogs’ abilities to do things like detect cancer or seizures, solve complex problems (complex for a dog, anyway), and learn language suggests that they may know more than we thought they did."

Surprised? We're not.

Read the full story here.


Anonymous said...

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May said...

That is an amazing discovery. Dogs are awsome!

caringmom said...

My mother was always amazed how dogs could understand any language spoken- But like people some are brighter than others.

SCauthor said...

I don't know why scientists seem to be surprised that dogs are smart! Any of us who spend time with animals, and especially dogs, know that they know so much and often are more attune to our feelings and health than our own families. I agree with May: Dogs are Awesome!